Adopting a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Building a culture of continuous improvement in the very competitive world of business is essential to long-term growth and is a bedrock for survival

Nurturing a culture of assessing what the customer values and finding ways to provide that value to them will result in performance and organisational objectives being met. These involve making changes to the usual way of doing business and creating the right processes.

It has been demonstrated time and again by some of the world’s most successful companies including General Electric (GE) and Amazon that well structured processes can transform organisations.

They have applied appropriate tools and techniques for determining their core problems, what steps are to be taken to resolve them and how to prevent recurrence.

The improvement process includes significant resources and retraining and the involvement of all levels of employees. Improvement will not only result at the level of the customers but also among employees including those in the back offices.

It is critical that organisations continuously focus on quality of service to customers and measure it against performance objectives.

The performance objectives will sound alarms to management to improve certain areas. It also helps the organisation to maintain control with periodic measurements of the performance objectives.

Achieving customer satisfaction built on excellent quality of service will secure the organisation’s financial performance.

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