Delivering Premium Value to Clients

Life has certainly changed for careers in the PR/Marketing industry and in many other sectors as well.
It’s no longer simply about offering the usual PR/Marketing advice/guidance to clients and keeping them contented.
Now, it’s about incorporating new learning and latest trends to maintain relationship with clients and deliver premium value to them.

It means intimately knowing the target market of your clients and proposing the best strategy to reach them, whether it’s the baby boomer generations, the Gen X, the Gen Y (millennials) or the Gen Z.

It’s about learning more about the millennials, those born between 1977-1994, who have huge spending power, shop online and love to tweet and text about their preferences and what works for them and don’t and can set off viral videos around the globe.

The millennials, however, are not easily won over and have been described as the most difficult segment of the market. It’s good to know this so that marketers, PR and communications specialists are aware that they must work doubly hard to gain their confidence.

As the new year opened, many companies offered up what are likely to be trends in 2018, from marketing trends to social media trends. As the lead consultant at Caribbean PR Agency, such information is highly valuable for our business.

One report I read advised that video content should be kept very brief, since the attention span of internet users, already facing a wide range of choices of social media channels, would decrease further in 2018.

This is also true for me. Just a couple days, I spotted a video on Facebook that interested me but after a minute and then checking its length, which was over 15 minutes long, I was forced to discard it.

These are just a few examples of the challenges we face and it’s all about keeping up and being informed of the latest trends and of course, keeping an eye on the market for possible changes.

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