Differentiate Business with Good Customer Service

Early last month while shopping with my growing sons for new jeans, I walked into a popular store at home and greeted the sales clerk nearest to us with a cherry “good afternoon.”

There was stony silence from her. I repeated “good afternoon” a bit louder and that got a teeny response from the almost comatose sales clerk. I rolled my eyes, mentally conveying ‘here we go again’ with downright poor customer service

One of my pet peeves is bad customer service. Many stores have lost me as a customer because of shoddy service and uncaring attitudes from sales clerks and even managers who don’t take complaints seriously. I’m often left wondering why stores continue to hire workers who don’t give a fig if it made money at the end of the day to pay them. Do persons attend customer-oriented training before they are put on the store’s floor?

Maintaining long and sustainable customer relationship should be a key concern for businesses particularly in an environment where the competition to win customers is increasingly aggressive.

Recognising that customers are central to their financial performance, companies worldwide are emphasising customer relationship management (CRM) strategies to retain customers and attract new ones.

Value-enhancement strategies of improving customer relationship also help them to differentiate themselves from competitors in the industry who are not focussed on developing a valued relationship with customers.

Consequently, it is vital that businesses take precautions to ensure customers are satisfied. Retaining and keeping customers satisfied does not only mean meeting their expectations, it also means exceeding expectations.

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