Digital Strategy must be part of Communications Strategy


I recently had to encourage a client to consider a comprehensive digital strategy as an important part of his company’s communications strategy.


I found myself explaining why a digital strategy should not be ignored from the company’s comprehensive communications strategy and crisis communications strategy.

We’re living and operating in the digital age of instantaneous news 24/7 from a dizzying array of multiple sources, channels, platform and choices.

News and information is no longer a one-way street.  It’s no longer only in the hands of the traditional media where mainstream journalists acted as the gatekeepers.

The emergence of social media has leveled the playing field. Now, news and information instantly hit the Internet.

A company has numerous options which offer tremendous advantages for getting news and information to an even wider audience: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, their Twitter feed, YouTube and other video-sharing sites and many others. There are also mobile video, web casts, podcast, video blog, webinar and the list goes on.

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