Effectively Engaging the Media

Write Press Release picSo the media are ignoring your press releases and your bosses are breathing down your necks.

Getting your press release circulated in the media is an excellent way of increasing your company’s profile. But it’s more than that. It’s bringing news of importance to the public or bringing clarity to an issue that has been reported in the media.

How do you convince the media to publish your press release?

One reason why the media may not use your press release is because it’s badly written; too wordy; too lengthy and doesn’t get to the point quickly. Maybe your headline is not ‘grabbing’ and does not capture the interest of the editor on whose desk it has landed.

Here are some tips for grabbing the attention of editors and senior journalists:

1. Have a catchy headline. The headline should grab the attention of the editor which will make him/her want to read the press release. On an average day, a dozen press releases may land on the editor’s desk so you want your press release to stand out

2. Think like a journalist. Your press release must be newsworthy. The opening sentence must say what the press release is about. An editor must not search half-way down the press release to determine what it is about.

3. The press release must be properly written. Pay careful attention to spelling, grammar and style. Sloppy press releases are frowned upon and quickly end up in the trash.

4. Follow up. Develop a rapport with key members of the media. If you are planning to send an important press release later in the day, it might be helpful if you can telephone your contact at the media house to inform him/her to expect it later in the day. Follow up with a call when the press release has been sent to ensure it was successfully received by the media house.

Caribbean PR Agency provides media training for communicators to build their knowledge and skills to understand and work with the media. Training courses include:
1. Understanding the media’s mindset to optimize media strategy
2. Improving writing skills for media releases
3. Engaging the media
4. Preparing key officials for follow-up interview

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