On-demand Support for Marketing and Communications

Caribbean PR Agency (CPRA) and our affiliates are offering on-demand strategic communications and marketing and public relations support to the Marketing and Communications teams in its delivery of its business objectives and attendant advocacy and branding initiatives.

Our broad spectrum of strategic communications and marketing and public relations support include:

  • Writing and editorial services (includes same-day service)
  • Strategic Planning (medium/long-term plans in alignment with business plan objectives)
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (traditional, digital, online)
  • Customer Relationship Management (focuses on customer retention)
  • Relationship management (government advocacy and interface with regulatory bodies and media; meeting coordination)
  • Print and Audio Production, and Video Production of internal and external events with technical support for live streaming on digital social media platforms (also includes agency coordination as needed)
  • CSR strategy, design and delivery support (includes stakeholder interface for collaborative solutions)
  • Conference planning and coordination
  • Reputation and crisis management (strategy and recovery solutions)
  • Media Engagement and Relations (TV appearances, Business inserts, interviews, press release coordination etc.)
  • Branding and Advertising (Print, Radio & TV)
  • Strategic Communications Coordination
  • Personal Coaching to Team Members


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