Shifts in Traditional Way of Marketing

Consumers today are exposed to multiple sources of information which have radically changed the way they interact with products and services.

The shift in the balance of power to consumers has altered the traditional way of marketing and replaced by the dynamic model of integrated marketing communication (IMC).

Increase in global competition, advancement in technology and more informed consumers have spurred businesses to adopt integrated approaches to attract target markets.

IMC combines the mix elements of marketing communication and online and offline communication channels to strategically position products and services to deliver a consistent and compelling message.

Traditional marketing has been characterised by mass marketing, fragmentation, sales focussed and product-centered while IMC has been described as focussed, integrated, relationship-building and customer-centered.

The shift from traditional marketing to IMC lies in the value of strategic integration of marketing communication to build strong brands and drive sales through precise positioning, right media combination and consistent messages.

The changes in the current landscape require marketers to judiciously adopt a wide range of marketing communication tools which are coordinated with a unified message to effectively communicate with consumers to achieve a desired response.

Successfully applied, the IMC framework can help businesses improve communication with customers, influence consumption of products and services, gain a competitive edge in the market and achieve longevity and reputation.

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