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Our Coaching Centre offers comprehensive workshops in Media Awareness, Presentation Skills and Crisis Communications. Sessions include up to eight persons for greater interaction, hands-on training and effective outcome.

Prior to the workshop session, our team of highly experienced trainers will study the issues affecting your organization. The background research will provide participants with targeted feedback to address relevant issues.

Participants in the Media Awareness Workshop sessions are coached in:

  • Developing Powerful Messages for Interviews
  • Developing Powerful Messages for Press Releases
  • Writing Effective Press Releases to Catch Attention
  • Engaging the Media
  • Navigating Routine and Challenging Interviews
  • Embracing New Media

Participants in Presentation Skills are coached in:

  • Effective Use of Body language
  • Impactful Use of Voice to Convey the Message
  • Conducting a Press Conference
  • Intonation and Emphasis to add Clarity and reduce Misunderstanding
  • Interview techniques for Television, Radio and Print Media

Participants in Crisis Communications are coached in:

  • Identifying Scenarios of Crisis and Response
  • Identifying Spokespersons
  • Stages of a Crisis
  • Dealing with the Media during a Crisis
  • Ground Rules in a Crisis
  • What to Say and What Not to Say

For more information, contact us at:- and or call (868)645-0368; 686-9797.

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